After Bruce Daisley and Richard Branson recommended it in an article, I started reading Humour, Seriously by Stanford Business School faculty Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas.

And I recommend you to read it as well. It’s not only really entertaining to read, but it also teaches us that humour is a learnable skill, and it shows us – based on evidence – that we should use it more at work and in business. It makes us more human.

Humour run like a thread through my life. It helps me in awkward situations, as an ice breaker, boredom and temper conflict situations.

However, I’ve noticed that not everyone is in favour of humour at work. Once a manager told me not to use humour at work because some people might find it unprofessional.

I have never listened to this piece of feedback (I’m such a rebel). Because I don’t believe it is unprofessional to say and do things that make others smile. After a while, I even received feedback from other people that every team need someone like me. And I don’t mean to act like a corporate clown, but to lift the spirits of others now and then.

And I am glad to read this book; I now know that there are so many other reasons it is good to use humour at work.

Take a look at some of the reasons why it can be good for you and your team:

✅ It makes you and your surroundings happier
✅ It increases creativity and innovation
✅ It promotes cooperation within a team
✅ It boosts energy and productivity
✅ It builds stronger relationships
✅ It helps us cope with negative emotions like stress and anger.

Now, how amazing is that?!

💡 What do you think about humour at work?