Marco: Good morning, Nancy, Thank you for joining us as a speaker at our hybrid events, Celebrate Your Happiness, this November! Well, again, for joining us, because it’s your second time at our events. Very happy to have you at our event again.

Can you tell me something about yourself?

Nancy: Yeah, sure. My name is Nancy beers, and I’m the founder of the Happy Game Changers. And what I do is play games with people to learn or unlearn things. That can be soft skills, or hard skills or human skills or whatever name you want to give it. So, because I think play is the best form to do that. And by that, I want to change the world one game at a time.

Marco: That sounds amazing, and we’re happy that you’re at our event actually to change the world, one game at a time.

What does being human in business mean to you?

Nancy: Well the thing is, I also have a strong background in IT. Being Human in business is very important if you want to stay top of your game in your industry because a lot of the work currently done will be replaced by computers. So if you don’t want to be replaced by a computer. Don’t act like one!

I want to say that the human skills that computers lack are about creativity, co-creation, and innovation. These are all skills that you can have and conquer or grow and get better at. When you stay true to your human potential, the human self, so be dead serious about all these human things you have inside of you because that’s the only way to stay employed, actually, in the next couple of decades. Yeah.

Marco: I think that’s an incredible answer. Thank you for that. And if we look at the event. What are you going to talk about? What are you going to do?

Nancy: Short answer is, play more!

That’s a bit of an open door, maybe, but play is an amazing tool to get more creative but also if you look at the name of this event, in comparison to the previous event that was about defining your happiness.

This is about celebrating your happiness. Celebrating successes within companies is very, very important to get everybody motivated, and play is a really great tool for that.

Because when you play together. It’s about making human connections. It’s something that Brene Brown also refers to as the playing is a perfect way to be vulnerable as well. So, by that making a true connection from person to person. So, it will be about how to better play in business.

Marco: The event is in November, we have to wait for a couple of months. Can you give away one practical tip, advice or small action that people can take action upon?

Nancy: Yes. The best advice that I always try to give is: start small, but start today by adding playful things too, for instance, your meetings.

If you’re in a probably online setting at this time around, still try to open with an icebreaker, and if you type in ‘ online’  or ‘ remote icebreaker’ on YouTube. There’s a lot of things online. A lot of knowledge, also to be found to use instantly. And it doesn’t have to be as big, wild or weird as the games that I sometimes use, but it can be something easy like moving to the left side of my screen, and you say, ‘ yes, you move to the right’  and then I will move back. Just try to add a little playfulness to your meeting to have a stronger connection and, by that better outcome of the meeting. Start small.

Marco: I will definitely add that to my meetings in the future. Thank you very much. Nancy and I really, really cannot wait till November 19th at Celebrate Your Happiness.

Nancy: Oh yes, I’m so much looking forward to this. This is going to be great!!