We have invited the very best experts as speakers to this online event. And they all said yes immediately. They will share their secrets with you on how to build a successful, future-proof, and profitable business by being HUMAN in business.

You will get exclusive content, unlimited insights, and actionable tips from top international business leaders.

November 19th 2021

Buffi Dubermans

10.00 – 10.10

Buffi Duberman


You’re ready to enjoy thé online event of 2021 with a nice cup of coffee or thee.

Sound & Solid

10.10 – 10.30

sound & solid

Organisator Celebrate Your Happiness

In the talkshow Yuan Sun and Marco van Onzen will share their secrets with you, so that you can run your business from authenticity, humanity and happiness.

Spreker Wencke Ester Lorber

10.30 – 11.00

Wencke Ester-Lorber

Keynote: Trust as a business case

Wencke will share with you how trust works in practice and highlight lessons from the most optimal work cultures. She reveals the secrets of the most successful companies that not only create, but also preserve these cultures.

Spreker Wencke Ester Lorber

11:00 – 11:15

Wencke Ester-Lorber

Q&A with Wencke Ester-Lorber

Ask your questions directly to Wencke and get answers right away.

Spreker Dennis van Soest

11.15 – 11:45

Dennis van Soest

Keynote: Purpose in business

Dennis will share how to make more sales from the purpose perspective, while growing your business in a sustainable way.

Spreker Dennis van Soest

11:45 – 12:00

Dennis van Soest

Q&A with Dennis van Soest

Ask your questions directly to Dennis and get answers right away.

12:00 – 12:10

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Grab a nice cup of coffee or thee while you post your first insight on social media with the hashtag #CYH2021 #soundandsolid

Spreker David Chislett

12:10 – 12:30

David Chislett

Chief Activator

Energizer | Surprise

Spreker Gerrit Brouwer

12.30 – 13:00

Gerrit Brouwer

Keynote: Vulnerability & resilience in business

Gerrit will show how vulnerability & resilience contributes to great company culture and brand, leading to a successful business.

Spreker Gerrit Brouwer

13:00 – 13.15

Gerrit Brouwer

Q&A met Gerrit Brouwer

Ask your questions directly to Gerrit and get answers right away.

13:15 - 14:00



Enjoy your lunch while you reflect on everything that you've learned this morning.

Share your insights online with hashtag #CYH2021 #soundandsolid

Spreker Nancy Beers

14.00 - 14:20

Nancy Beers

Serious play in business, with Nancy

Play it forward | Surprise

Spreker Claude Silver

14:20 - 14:50

Claude Silver

Keynote: Empathy in business

Her three-decade career includes leadership positions at major advertising agencies and consultative engagements with a variety of other corporate clients.

Claude will share with us how connection, trust, and empathy contribute to a great company culture and brand, which leads to a successful business.

Spreker Claude Silver

14.50 - 15:05

Claude Silver

Q&A with Claude Silver

Ask your questions directly to Claude and get answers right away.

Spreker Gary Vaynerchuk

15:05 - 15:55

Gary Vaynerchuk

Q&A with Gary Vee

Ask your questions directly to Gary and get answers right away.

Sound & Solid

15:55 - 16:05

sound & solid


16:05 - 17:00

sound & solid

Networking opportunity, only for interactive ticket holders

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Wow! What a fantastic event! I got a lot of inspirations, so I'm very happy that I had a notebook during the event. The diversity of presentations was excellent. Well organized. I cannot wait till next event!

Ilse van Schaik, Product Owner Schiphol

Thought leading and highly motivating speakers. The schedule was so well structured that I immediately started using the information from all the speakers in my daily life and business.

Boris van Es, Accountmanager

Congrats, excellent job! I'm really happy that I joined the event!

Ivo Paschold, Owner - Digital Heroes

About Celebrate Your Happiness

  • How do you keep your business distinctive in your industry, now that there is so much noise online?
  • How do you stay connected with your clients, now that you hardly ever meet them face to face?
  • How do you create loyal customers, who become and remain fans of your business?
  • How do you generate more sales based on your purpose and sincerity, instead of pushing your clients too hard?
  • How do you run a profitable business, while making a major impact on society?
  • How do you build a business that everyone is proud of, so that your business can rely on word-of-mouth advertising?
  • How do you build a brand that attracts your ideal clients?

During Celebrate Your Happiness you will get answers to these questions, and more!

Our speakers will show you how to build a successfulfuture-proof, and profitable business by being HUMAN and celebrate it!

You get exclusive content, unlimited insights, and proven tactics from top business leaders. You can apply these inspirations, insights and tactics in your own business the very next day!

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