Why are empathy and compassion so important at work?

Lately, you hear these two human skills more often. Why is that? Why should we embrace empathy and compassion in our corporate culture?

If you ask me, empathy and compassion are essential in the workplace, particularly when it comes to creating positive relationships with your team. One of the most powerful elements is that it allows you to better connect with others. You show that you care and that you are there for them to help.

This connection develops relationships, improves work performance, results in less turnover, and can even help improve the health of employees.

Let me create a shortlist that shows you the importance of it from my point of view.

Empathy and compassion:

#1. are great tools for leaders. Leaders that can look at situations from different perspectives help the company and their employees to develop more creative and innovative solutions.

#2. increase employee engagement. People want to be heard. When employees know that there is someone listening and understanding their needs, they are more likely to stay engaged with the company. This can lead to a decrease in additional recruitment and other costs.

#3. increase employee safety. When employees feel that safety is a priority in the workplace they feel less stressed and more secure to take risks, make mistakes, learn new things, etc…

#4. Empathetic leaders and employees are the ones that inspire people, build strong relationships, and get the best out of their teams.

#5. It keeps the workplace healthy.

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