Marco: Thank you so much for joining us as a speaker at our events celebrate your happiness. Could you tell me something about yourself?

Claude: I’m so excited for the conference. My name is Claude silver. I’m the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia. And I am a mother of two small little girls, and I absolutely adore them. I adore being outside. I love poetry, I love music and cooking. And all of the senses I like I like when all of my senses are alive.

Marco: That’s amazing. I like to cook as well by the way!  The event is about being human in business. What does being human business mean to you?

Claude: Being Human in business, to me means showing up as your authentic self. It’s showing up as you are when you brush your teeth in the morning, who you are with your friends, your family. It’s making, making sure that you are holding yourself responsible for being honest with yourself and working on your own self-awareness and emotional regulation so that you can be there for others and help guide them.

Marco: That’s incredible. That is just one of the many reasons why we’re happy to have you as a speaker at our events. Talking about the event. What are you going to talk about at celebrate your happiness?

Claude: Well, I’m really going to talk about bringing the human into the workplace and how we can do that not only on high level, but really some tangibles that you can do today. To bring more kindness bring more joy, bring more happiness, and bring yourself authentically to the workplace. And really, how you do that, then it will be I’ll show you the domino effect of what the incredible payoff is for everyone.

Marco: Amazing. And can you already give away one practical tip to our audience?

Claude: Yes. One practical tip I will say is 85% of the noise in our head is all negative and out of that 85% 90 is on repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. So you’re constantly telling yourself negative thoughts all day long. Everyone is as a leader. What I challenge all of us to do is to change the story. See it, see what you’re saying listen, and then change it. Because everyone can do that. And if you start there, then already you’re becoming more self-aware. You’re changing your entire trajectory of your day because you’re happier, you’re joyful. You took away the negativity, and then you can open that up and share that with everyone else.

Marco: I’m going to practice that in my Life as well.  That’s an amazing practical tip. Thank you so much.

Claude: Thank you.

Marco: I’m really really looking forward to the events on the 19th of November. So we’re almost there. And I’m really happy that you joined us.

Claude: Oh, thank you, Marco. Me too. See you soon.